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Uber clone app for kids: Safe and reliable rode to your children

We understand the value of your child: Uber app clone for kids

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Uber app clone for kids has been specially designed to help the entrepreneurs battle, the growing need for safe transportation services in the market today. The kid shuttle provided by the Uber app clone for kid targets safety and security, through enhancing the trust actor of parents using the customised app for the kids.

Here are some of the perks of using Uber app clone for kids-

  • one can enjoy the pick and drop facility of this app during unscheduled work time
  • Parents can take their ill children to their relative’s place or to the doctor with this wonderful app
  • This amazing app provides service during the personal day off when it is school week.
  • With this app, pick up and drop off of multiple children can be done at different locations.
  • The drivers have to face a strict background check to become a driver of Uber app clone for kids. They are checked on the basis of their criminal records and also on the basis of drug tests. If a driver of Uber app clone for kids is found in any kind of illegal activity then he is on the spot fired from the company and also necessary actions are taken again him.
  • With this app, parents can check the location of the vehicle on which their children are taking the ride.
  • Complete information of the driver is shared to the parents before they book a ride for their children.
  • This app is very pocket-friendly to use. It does not include any additional and hidden charges. The users just have to pay the amount that appears on their screen.
  • SOS option is also available for both, the parent app and the driver app. They can use this button during the time of emergency.
  • Carpooling feature is also there for the kids.
  • There is a central dispatch system to monitor all the rides.
uber clone app for kids

How does this app work?

Using this app is not rocket science. One can easily use this app by going through the following steps-

  • Download the app from iOS or Android play store
  • Provide your contact number, email address or any social media ID to make registration into the app
  • Enter your pickup and drop off location
  • Choose the vehicle based on your requirement
  • Make a request for the ride
  • Confirm the ride
  • Without wasting your time, a professional and polite driver will arrive at your pickup location
  • Make your payments. You can use a wallet, cash, debit cards or credit cards to make the payments.
  • Finally, submit your feedback and reviews to the company depending on your experiences.

If you are willing to start your own business that can hammer the tough competition of blowing market and can also reap your ROI easily then you can go with Uber clone app for kids as it is the pocket-friendly, trustable, effective and efficient app and also holds a positive image in the market.

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