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Benefits of an On Demand Car Wash App for the Car Cleaning Business

Revolutionize Your Car Cleaning Business with the On Demand Car Wash App, the Washe App Clone

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According to a research conducted by the International Carwash Association in 2017, profits in carwash can average from around $41000 a year to $680000 based on the service, i.e., self or full service.

Sounds hard to believe, yet it is true. Given below are the reasons why having your own car wash business is profitable,

Cost of Franchise is Low

Buying a car wash franchise is reasonably less in comparison to other businesses and it is between 30000$ to 100000$.

Lesser Time to Start Operating

Starting a car wash is reasonably easier in comparison to other businesses as every single car needs a car wash once in a blue moon.

Marketing is Easier

Through every successful car wash, every customer through the word of mouth spreads the name of the car wash business provider and in turn makes the marketing easier. Another point worth mentioning is that through the various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc., businesses tell prospective customers about their work and in turn bring more business.

Thus, through the points mentioned above, it clearly indicates that the car cleaning business is an altogether lucrative as well as profit bearing industry and thanks to technological innovations like on demand car wash apps like Washe, customers can get their car cleaned by downloading the application on their devices, smart phone and iPhone.

All that they have to do is login to the application and then choose from packages like gold, platinum, diamond and emerald and then choose the location, i.e. the location of the user or service provider and then book the service provider in the nearest vicinity and track the location of the same and finally get the service delivered and then leave the rating and review.

on demand car wash

This in altogether easy to use application that has made the life of car users easy and helped car washers earn a livelihood by helping them choose their hours, get paid instantly through the payments getting automatically submitted through the app and earning 1000+$ per week along with making the entrepreneurs earn huge profits through the commissions for every successful car wash.

Thus, as an entrepreneur if you are keen on having your on demand car wash app, the Washe App Clone, it is essential to keep the following things in mind and these following features inherent in your washe app clone to make sure that the app is an instant hit,

  1. Have three modes of payment namely, cash, card – debit/credit and wallet to enable your users to make their payments seamlessly
  2. Book Now or Schedule for Later to allow your users to book the services for today or a later date
  3. 100% responsive to allow your users to use the app from a multitude of platforms or interfaces like Android, iPhone, desktop, tablet, etc.
  4. Free from bugs to avoid the app from crashing
  5. Easy login and easy to use the app to help your users use the app in the simplest way
  6. Profile of every washer to help the user know their background as well as experience of work
  7. Finally, a gallery menu to display the work of the car washer 

So, it goes without saying that an on demand car wash app, the Washe App Clone would do wonders for your car cleaning business and help you make a huge amount of profit for you through the commissions that you earn.

Thus take the great leap and develop your own app for car wash business.

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