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Help your customers to get everything at one platform with Gojek app

The Operating System of Indonesia – Gojek Script

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Gojek is an online application which provides almost all the services to their customers which one may think of. Gojek provides a wide variety of services to their customers on a few taps on their phone, which makes it a special app.

Gojek also helps in boosting up small businesses. Let's see how

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Gojek training program provides SMEs with capability developing and by proving access to the digital program. It also helps by executing go- food business insights; businesspersons see an average of 71% of the increase in the sales area.

Financial terms-

Go food business persons have improved up to a great level as their SMEs booking keeping have been improved which can be utilised to get loans. Gojek also supports cashless programs. About 53% of transactions on Go-Food are done outside Greater Jakarta.

Approach to market-

The businesspersons have an approach of approximately 108 million Gojek app users. By affiliating with Go-food, business persons have stretched their reach to users by 25 km radius. Business persons experience 80% of the boom in their monetary gain after joining Go-Food.


The center or the average sales of SMEs connecting Go-Food hits by a great volume. After joining Gojek, small businesses felt 70% of the increase in their orders.


Gojek reduces the obstacles to entering for SMEs with minimum capital by offering them more access to digital platforms.

Gojek app is a Family

The husband can use Go-Ride, while the wife can easily get employment with Go-massage or Go-glam. This special feature of Gojek makes it different, which also helps us to use the service of Gojek by paying or by providing the service and earning.

According to a study conducted by the University of Indonesia, 90% of the drivers feel a better quality of life after joining Gojek. A lot of drivers of gojek come from small villages from Jakarta. The simple nature and polite nature attracts riders in a positive way. They come to the cities in the hope of making money and sending it to their family members who are far away from them.

Indonesians are in habit of using their phones for almost every purpose, or we can say they are tech-savvy. They know how to make payments, order food navigate a pick-up point and many other things and why not to do this if everything is integrated into one single app.

The gojek script helps a lot in understanding the true value of Gojek app. In today’s modern era, the gojek app is like a boon for our society or we can say it is a Giant who fulfils every wish of his master. Gojek provides services like food delivery, car-hailing, escort service, weed delivery etc.

If you want to start your own business like gojek which can easily hit the market and make you earn an uncountable profit, then you can go with Gojek app or any other app which satisfies all your requirements and makes your business hit.