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Extraordinary rides with ordinary fare: Uber app clone

Help your customers to enjoy a mind-blowing trip with Uber

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Brazil is known for its quality of being the largest country in Latin America and South America. It also ranks in the fifth position for being the most populous country in the world. People of Brazil enjoy living a high-class life with luxurious facilities. Uber is the first choice of people in Brazil to cover their distance in less time and with full safety.

Whether you have to go for work, out of the town or airport, the Uber app binds you with the trustable ride from low price to high or premium price in a moment. Few clicks and your car will arrive to pick you up with a professional driver. Your driver will be aware of where you have to exactly go. When you reach your destination, payment is also simple with cashless options.

uber app clone

Trip With Faith

The Uber occurrence was designed by keeping safety features in mind. By event prevention device and technology that keeps the users connected, Uber is dedicated to helping its users to enjoy a safe and fantastic trip.

Developing A Safer Ride

Screenings of the driver:

Before working with uber, the taxi drivers have to pass through a set of different screenings and they have to complete a review procedure which includes ID review, Photo review etc.

Safety tools:

On every trip, Uber ensures full safety to its customers. One can simply tap the button for safety tools and get help whenever required.

A Comprehensive community:

Through different joint efforts with safety experts and cities, Uber is helping the riders to enjoy a safe and wonderful journey.

Emergency button:

One can use the emergency button to call and get help during the time of emergency. This feature helps the user to display his/her location and trip details and then the rider can share it with the emergency contacts. Using this feature automatically sends the location of the taxi to the nearest police station.

24/7 Support:

Customer care executive is always ready to help their customers. The customer care team is specially trained to respond to urgent security purpose.

Sharing Trip:

Riders can also their location and trip with their family members, friends or with their trusted contacts to assure safety with the real-time feature.

GPS tracking:

GPS tracking is another very important feature which Uber provides to assure safety to their riders. All the rides of Uber are tracked with the help of GPS from the starting of the trip until the rider reach their destination.

Contact Number anonymization:

This feature of the taxi application keeps the phone number anonymous, the private information of the rider remains private.

Before starting the trip, riders should keep some points in their mind

Before booking a ride, riders should check the app to gather all the necessary information of the driver.

Riders should cross check the information related to driver, car model and license plate number with the information mentioned in the application. Before going on a trip, confirm the name of the driver. If you are planning for a business, you can go with Uber clone or any other app which provides you with all the necessary features like Uber and which is credible and trusted in the market.

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