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Here is how the advance feature will work for the business profiles – Ride sharing Company, Uber says!

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Now, Users with an Uber for a business account or holding a business profile will soon get the facility to schedule their rides days, weeks or even a month in advance. This is what the ride sharing company has to say to two million users today. Addressing and solving problems is definatly the way forward for this giant.

Uber one of the most successful ride sharing company has always something unique and different to offer to its riders which have increased its popularity in the market today. Be it the helicopter rides in Brazil or the Uber truck service in China, everything is unique all the time. And this time it has come up with the service that is available for the business profile users in Seattle. Now, Uber wants to make this feeling of scheduling your rides much ahead of time as it understands the emergencies that a business profile might face. It has announced that the riders can now schedule their rides as far as 30 days to 30 minutes in advance.

What is this new concept all about?

Being an on-demand company, Uber always wishes to do something different and yes they do get success in it. This is why it is purely meant for business users who need a reassurance that Uber will be there to receive them when they have to leave. It is a simple feature to use where all you need to do is to mention your business id and your profile will be considered as the business one. Just simply tab on the Uber X feature in the app and you will get to see a new option to schedule a ride just within 15 minutes. You can even edit the details in this small window such as the pickup date, time, pick-up location, destination and much more. You can even edit it just 30 minutes before your ride needs to be scheduled. In case your plans have changed, then the scheduled ride can also be cancelled without a penalty as long as it is not on the way. As per the process, Uber will send you a reminder 24 hours ahead of your ride and one more reminder just 30 minutes before the ride.

Being a Passenger, you will also get a notification after the ride is on the way so that you are aware of it along with some other information such as surge pricing is in effect or not. Users will only be able to see the base fare while scheduling a ride and in case you do not wish to pay the surge pricing then you can cancel the ride and wait for another five minutes. The standard cancellation fee then applies as per the city you are in. For example, the cancellation fees in Paris, San Francisco and Seattle are 5 dollars and 5 euros approximately.

Indeed, a complex algorithm is needed to calculate everything and scheduling a ride since other factors have to be taken into consideration such as the rider’s location, availability of the driver for that location at the scheduled time, the estimated traffic, and many other aspects. Looks complex right? But Uber has proved it to be the best and valuable ride sharing company until the date when compared to the other major ones such as Gett and Lyft. Looking at the success in this city, Uber now plans to expand this feature of advance booking for the business profiles in most of the top business cities soon.

If you want to be the next Uber, or are already in the taxi business, then you can definitely think of adding this feature to your app.

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