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Build a Postmates like app with the delivery clone script

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An on demand concept in the form of Postmates changed the way deliveries were done. Working on on-demand technology, this app has become a source of business inspiration to many businessmen who want to venture into the world of smart deliveries. They can now bring their inspiration to life with the delivery clone script.

Headquartered in San Francisco, Postmates was founded in 2011 by a passionate team of skilled professionals whose dream was to introduce a new way of getting goods delivered around from city to city. Their dream became a reality in the form of Post mates, an app that enables everyone to have their delivered done on demand. This app has made it possible for any item, be it from a store, supermarket, florist, or restaurant to be delivered within a matter of minutes. Today the app operates in over 100 metropolitan cities and has become the favourite delivery service of millions of users. The success of this app has made businessmen think of getting a delivery clone script developed just like Postmates so that they can also bank on the success those Postmates has made.

Get a readymade Postmates clone with the on demand delivery app builder

If you are thinking that getting an app similar to Postmates is going to be difficult and cost you a fortune, then you are wrong. These days it is very easy to get one ready made from any one of the developers who are in the business of developing clone apps. All you need to do is speak to the developer and tell the team exactly how you want the app to work. If you have any ideas on what you want your app to do, or include a unique feature into your app, then tell them about it and they will design the app accordingly. You can get it designed to suit a certain market only i.e. flowers, pizzas etc

The app can be designed and be ready for launch is just a few days. Moreover you will also not have to pay any ridiculous fees to get the app designed. Most developers will also configure it and launch it on your server. If you want your app customized in a language and a currency of your choice, that will be done too.

Once your app is up and running, you stand to get a commission from every delivery made through the app. The amount of commission can be set by you, depending on how many people have a need for your app for their deliveries.

postmate clone app


Most on demand delivery apps have the following features for the successful running of the app:

  • Automated payment system
  • Real time tracking system
  • Feature that allows instant booking or at a later time/date
  • Accept or reject deliveries
  • Real time push notifications and alerts

The delivery clone script is the future of your delivery business. It is one that is being favoured over other delivery companies like Blue Dart, UPS and DHL simply because it provides the service that it says it does, i.e. service on your terms and timings, not at their convenience. For such app operators, customer comes first and that is why people are choosing delivery apps over the big established giants. A business you can operate from any part of the world is yours for the taking – don’t delay the opportunity to start making big money.

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