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How does the Uber for Private Jets business work?

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Isn’t it exciting to think of how the face of transport and commutation has changed over the last few years? From haggling on the streets to get a cab to using a swift little application to help in finding it, the on demand role of the business has changed our idea of how people commute.


But we have moved on in the mobile application world to the world of the skies. Yes. Uber for Private jets is not a fiction any more. The need to be at multiple places at the same time is a problem that modern science hasn’t been able to address yet but to be at different places fast is something not a problem anymore.

People use private jets very often to get from one place to another. But since it is a little expensive, sometimes, people opt out of this. Having an app like the Uber for Private Jets makes it easier for people to book private jets to get to one place from the other at a much lower costs.

In fact, it enables people without their own personal aircrafts to also be able to hire these air taxis. The app has a very basic flow. The people who want to use the app download and register into it. The Private jet owners and pilots download it and register into it as service providers and the Users download and register into it as service providers.

When the user wants to hire an air craft to go from one place to another, they simply look the airport up and try to find if there are any available rides or scheduled flights in the day there. Once they find the right one that suits them, they can go ahead and make a booking for it. While making this booking, the user will also be able to make sure that they can see the price offered.

If there are multiple options available in the same route, the Users can choose the one that they seem to find most suitable. There are various ways in which one can make this selection. It can be based on the number of seats available in the private jet.

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How does the app help?

The app is a very useful way for Private jet owners to be able to make their aircrafts available commercially. It becomes an instant source of earning money. Just like Uber is an excellent car sharing model allowing independent car owners make money by driving their own vehicles, the exact same thing happens with private jets.

The sharing model is the most commercially viable option for all drivers and private jet owners. This means that the application becomes the perfect medium of letting people know that the aircraft is available or not.

The application owner doesn’t even need to own an aircraft to earn. All they need to do is make the application live and available for the users to download and use. Each time someone uses the Uber for Private jets app to make a booking, they stand to make a good commission on it.

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