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The important places where Uber is banned

Relevant information about Uber ban 2019

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Even though contracting 3.5 million serving agents and 40,000+ drivers are in favour of Uber in some or the other way but Uber has lost its favour with the London government. The city's transport regulator announced that the ride-hailing company –Uber was avoiding the application for license renewal and also stated that it is not fit to carry forward the business. The city's transport regulator also made an announcement that uber is not fine to hold a private hire operator license. The effect of the ban can be easily seen from Oct.01, though the company is planning for the appeal.

Undoubtedly, this is not the first time when Uber has been banned from any operation. The company is infamous for developing combative relationships. Mentioned below are some of the places where Uber is partially or fully banned from the operation

North America

United States: Uber is currently in operational mode in Portland and in central Oregon but banned in Oregon.

Canada: Though the British Colombia minister of transportation announced that Uber will be legalised by Christmas but currently it is banned in Oregon.


UK: If Uber fails to renew its license then undoubtedly it will be banned from October. Well, it currently operates in other regions and cities of the UK.

Bulgaria: In Bulgaria, Uber is banned across the country.

Czech Republic: Czech is the country’s second largest city. Uber is currently not in working condition here.

Denmark: In Denmark, Uber is suspended just because of the Government's rules and regulations.

France: UberPop is currently banned in France. It is the cheapest service for Uber.

Germany: Just like France, UberPop is currently banned in Germany.

Hungary: In Hungary, Uber is suspended just because of the rules and regulation imposed by the government.

Italy: In Italy also, UberPop is banned.

North Territory, Australia

If you visit Australia then Uber will undoubtedly take care of you by offering the rides in the cities like Sydney and Melbourne. Though, if you head yourself towards places like Darwin and Alice Springs, Uber will not entertain you here that means it not arrive to pick you up. Uber dragged out of the Northern Territory after it launched a license fee on all the cars available there. The ride-sharing solution company also said that the Drivers regulations must be efficient and affordable.


One might also think that banning Uber in China was actually done by the Chinses government. But, the fact is that it was the matter of economics that put a complete full top to a giant ride-sharing company in the Asian's largest market. Just after losing a reported $1 billion in one year in the country, Uber was dragged out of the country. DiDiChuxing took over the market of Uber now.

On the excellent news front for the company, it also achieved a great height of success in many countries. Uber is undoubtedly banned in some countries but then it is not like Uber has lost its way to the zenith of success.

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