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Get professional cleaners at your place with Maideasy app clone

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Maideasy clone app is a Malaysian on-demand cleaning app which provides the cleaning services to their customers without any hassle. Why bother with phone calls, websites, quotes and long term commitments when you have Maideasy clone app. Book your professional cleaners via this app which is the easiest and the fastest way to hire a home cleaner.

Why Maideasy clone app?

Unlike any other mobile app, Maideasy clone app also aims to take care of our community first that's why we provide this cleaning job to the local people of Malaysia which can directly or indirectly make their life better. Maideasy clone app commits to providing decent paying jobs to the local citizens of Malaysia.

The users of this app can select the different cleaning options from the app and they don’t have to enter their address again and again to use the service of the app. The address is saved in the app can be used by the customer to use this service and they just have to select the service that they want to get. The users of the app can chat with the crew member of Maideasy clone app to know about their booking progress.

Cancellation policy

The cancellation policy is very flexible in this app. The user of the app can reschedule their cleaning session up to 24 hours before their booking. They can also cancel their booking which does not involve any kind of deduction charge.

Transparent fees

Once a cleaner gets finish off with his work, customers have to pay the bill amount. The fees that the service receiver has to pay will be clearly displayed on the screen of the app. They don’t have to pay any extra amount, they just have to pay the amount which has appeared on the screen of the mobile phone. There is no transparent or sub-charges involved in the payment.

Working on the app

It is very easy and simple to get an excellent cleaning service from Maideasy clone app. Follow the mentioned below steps to use this app-

  • Make registration on the app by providing your basic information like name, contact number, email address, phone number, or any social media platform

  • Provide your exact location where you want to avail of this amazing service.

  • Select the service that you want to get via this app.

  • After selecting the service, the nearby employees of the app will receive your request. The one who will accept your request first will arrive at your place within a few minutes.

  • After the completion of the job, make your payment with cash, credit card or a debit card.

  • At the end rate and review your house cleaner on the basis of your experience.

If you are in a mood to start your own craft or business which can really hit the blowing market then choosing Maideasy clone app is the best option which will definitely make you earn a handsome amount of profit and it also holds a positive image in the entire industry.

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