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Build a Foodie and Happy Online Food Order Business with iFood App Clone

Transform Online Food Order Process with the Next Gen Online Food Order App iFood App Clone

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Food is the basic necessity of any human being. Without the stomach getting filled, one cannot imagine of performing their regular tasks in the easiest manner.

This in turn led to the evolution of many food chains, etc., to make the life of users more comfortable. However, over the last few years, the online food order app has made it easier for users to get their favourite meals at their home without them having to step out for the same.

As per a research conducted by GloriaFood, the online food order and online food delivery business is projected to grow by 58% by the year 2020.

Today there are apps that allow users to get food delivered at their doorstep. One of the most revolutionary out of this is the iFood App.

iFood app clone
iFood App

iFood is a famous food delivery app mostly for people living in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, Saint Andrew, Sao Paulo etc..

Through this app, users are offered free shipping of their lunch/ dinner/ breakfast within the best deals and from the best restaurants.

Functioning of iFood App
  1. Users register or login to the application using their social id, i.e., Facebook or email address
  2. Users add Payment Method – cash/ card
  3. Users add Zip Code of their Location to get connected with the nearest restaurants
  4. Users choose the restaurant and select the desired food
  5. User places order
  6. User tracks the order through in-built navigation
  7. User receives order at doorstep
  8. User rates and reviews order

Thus this app is nothing more than a blessing in disguise for foodies and food lovers as it helps them get their favourite meals at the most convenient price and is a quick profit earner for the online food delivery business as it helps them earn commissions with every successful order and get several restaurants build a name for themselves with the help of this app along with drive the employment of the delivery professionals through the delivery professionals they employ for getting the food delivered to the user.

Hence for any online food delivery business that wants to make it big in the world of food and wishes to perform the noble task of satiating one’s hunger, the online food order app, iFood app clone would help perform this task.

With the exact same attributes present in the iFood App, this iFood App clone would surely make the online food order app spread like wildfire among users.

online food order app
Characteristics of Ideal iFood App Clone
  1. Advanced Analytics to maintain a check on the activities of the customer and service provider along with the number of services booked, commissions earned, etc
  2. Licensed Code in order to make modifications as per the changing needs of business and customers
  3. Responsive Web Panel for the main website as well as the customer and service provider to view the live working of the app and check how well it works on devices like PCs, tablets, android device, etc.
  4. Multiple Payment Gateways to enable a seamless payment method for users

So become a saviour for your foodies with the online food order app, iFood App Clone and take the world of online food delivery by storm TODAY!

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