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Use Home cleaning, start living: Whizz app clone

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Between back to back activities, hectic schedule and a long list of laundry, it's important as well as easy to get house cleaning service. For those who are really searching to organize their housekeeping, there is an app for the same! Now you can get your cleaning routine fixed with the help of your iOs or Android mobile phone. There are different apps launched to provide the home cleaning service to their customers. Some of them are-Today, Home Routines, House cleaning List, Clean my House, Clean House-Chores Schedule, Our Home, etc.
Whizz clone app is also a home cleaning app which is very popular in Australia these days. Whizz clone app offers great services to its customers and has developed a very positive image in the market.

Whizz app clone

Why Whizz clone app?

Professional workers: We only want to choose and we choose the service that we find the best. All whizz clone app certified cleaners take a valid policy check, at least 1 year of experience, insurance etc.

Guarantee of 100% satisfaction: Your satisfaction is our responsibility. If you are not satisfied with the service, you will get another service and that too free of cost. There are more than 40,000 cleaners registered on the app.

Hassle-free app: Whizz is a suitable app that connects the users with the fully equipped, trusted and professional cleaners for all the cleaning needs at our home. This app ensures quality by holding the payment until the customer gets satisfied. Whizz is the only app in Australia that supports same day bookings.

How does it work?

This app is very friendly to use. One has to register on the app by providing their email address, phone number or any social media ID and then register on the app. After the registration, customer can make their request and also mention their address and what type of cleaning service they actually require and then confirm the request. TING TONG! Your cleaner reaches your place.

There are some important attributes of Whizz clone app, let’s have a look on them-

Multiple Languages: Multiple languages are integrated into the app to provide convenience to the customers.

Multiple Currencies: One standard currency and one local currency are kept in the application to receive the billing amount. This removes the hassle of exchanging foreign currencies.

Flexible mode of payment: Users can pay the amount by using cash, debit cards or credit cards. Wallet, integrated into the application, is also a great option to pay the bill. It is also easy to recharged wallet with the credit card.

If you are planning to start a mind-blowing business and that too with the maximum energy then you can go with Whizz app clone which holds strong goodwill in the industry. You can also go with any other app but you should keep in mind that it should be credible and reliable in the market.

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