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The biggest blessing for the transgender community: Empowering transgender with Uber

Removing the disparities by empowering transgender with Uber

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People from the transgender category come from all walks of life. We are brothers and sisters, dad and moms, daughters and sons. We are your neighbours, your coworkers. We are 70 years old grandparents as well as 7-year-old children at the same time. We are a heterogeneous community, representing all the ethnic and racial backgrounds also the faith backgrounds.

The word ‘trans’ or ‘’transgender’’ is an umbrella term for those people whose gender identity is totally different from the sex assigned to us during the time of birth. Well, the word transgender and the modern definitions of it mainly come out in the 20th century, different people who would easily fit under this banner have already existed in almost all the culture throughout the recorded history.

Meaning of Transgender

The community of the transgender is comparatively diverse. Some transgender people identify themselves as female or male while some identity as agender, nonbinary, genderqueer, or somewhere else on or outside of the spectrum of what we actually understand the gender is. Some of them go with the option of the surgery while some don’t. Some frankly choose to go with open identity as transgender, while others identify as women or men.

Here are some challenges faced by transgender

  • Poverty
  • Lack of Legal protection
  • Stigma and Harassment
  • Barriers to healthcare
  • Anti-transgender violence
  • Identity documents etc.

Empowering Transgender with Uber

Uber stands with the millions of people who identify themselves as gender non-binary or transgender and also with those who are intersex. This amazing company treats them with full respect and dignity that everyone deserves. This is the main reason behind providing them the facility to serve in their taxi booking app.

This company strictly oppose legislative and administrative efforts to abolish transgender protections with the help of reinterpretation of existing rules, regulations and laws. This company is also not in the favour of any regulation or policy that violates the privacy-related concern of the transgender, intersex or gender non-binary.

Uber believes in equal respect and transparency in policy making for all, and also in favour of equality under the law for transgender, intersex and gender non-binary. As a result, Uber has openly started providing opportunities to the transgender community to work as a driver for Uber which is undoubtedly helping this community to upgrade their financial status and also helping them to live a dignified life. They also have to pass through the different channels of background check like drug tests, criminal records etc. to become a professional Uber driver.

In the 21st century, the biggest gift that one can give to this community is a bunch of opportunities in any way, which can really help this community to upgrade their lifestyle and living status. Keeping this in mind, Uber provided this opportunity to the transgender community in their taxi business solution which is now really helping them to take their life into a new direction. The main aim of Uber behind taking this amazing step is to remove the disparities between the people present today. This is just one step taken by Uber which gave a light of hope to them, let’ appreciate it together.

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