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Your Rulebook to Enjoy Seamless Moto Ride Experiences with Panache and Vogue on Gojek

Step by Step Guide to Book Moto Rides with Gojek

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Indonesia is known for its extremely high traffic congestion rates and its extremely narrow lanes so as to say. This makes it necessary thus for the majority of the people there to travel in an ojek (bikes as they are called in Indonesia).

However, since finding a moto ride is nothing short of an arduous task in itself. In other words, it involves the rider to negotiate the price before actually availing of the ride and thereafter get the ride. Thereupon, also, your hygiene cannot be fully guaranteed. You may have to wear helmets worn by others and thereupon compromise on your health to a great extent. Thus to ensure your hygiene at all times, the multiservice provider Gojek came into creation.

Introducing Services of Gojek

With the solution, customers are assured a magnanimous range of services from one platform itself. The app was primarily launched to only offer ojek services that is to say the moto rides through it. This in turn went into helping the riders seamlessly book a ride on a motorcycle and thereupon ride from one place to the other with considerable ease and comfort.

book moto rides with gojek

So, now you may be wondering how the app helps and supports riders book a moto ride through it. To explain the same, we have listed the workflow of booking the ride through Gojek. This will help you understand this in detail and in an overall concise manner, so as to say.

Steps You Should Follow to Book Moto Rides on Gojek

  1. Enter the app and enter your pickup details and thereupon select a bike of choice from the different ones available

  2. Provide details related to destination

  3. Choose the timeslot when you need the ride, that is to say, whether you want the ride for the same day or a later date

  4. On entering the time and date when you want the ride, pay for it choosing the payment mode of your choice from the different ones available in the app which includes cash, card or in-app wallet and thereupon get connected to driver nearby

  5. Within some time, driver arrives and drops you to your location.

  6. After dropping, a bill gets generated on the screen of the driver’s device which gets shared with you.

  7. Now, on payment getting done, you and the driver both get the feasibility to rate and review each other

Thus, following these steps people in Indonesia can book a moto ride with considerable convenience with Gojek so as to say and travel from one place to another with efficiency with zero worries about traffic congestion at all.

So, next time you book a moto ride on Gojek, make sure to follow these steps given above. This will go on to support you considerably first in getting your ride confirmed, and finally, ensure, you enjoy a unique experiences when in and around Indonesia so as to say.

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