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Reasons to Have an App-Based Platform for a Business

Benefits of App-Based Platform for Businesses

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Today whatever maybe the needs of a user, you have an app to fulfil them, starting from a simple chat to a delivery at their doorstep. This in turn has not only made their lives reasonably simpler but also garnered huge profits for the businesses by helping them earn commissions through services rendered.

Thus, it goes without saying that a mobile app is very crucial to the success of any business or industry.

Looking at the recent research conducted by Statista, the mobile app revenue is slated to increase from a whopping 69.7 billion US dollars to 188.9 billion US dollars by the year 2020.

So, as it can be clearly seen through the above statistics that mobile apps are crucial to the success of any business.

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Below mentioned are some of the benefits that an app-based platform offers to the users and the business,

Benefits of App-based Platform for Users
  1. Eases the Life of Customers – App-based platforms help customers get easy access to their demands and services at the simple tap of a button on their device. As soon as they log in to the app and place the demand for their order or service, they automatically get it delivered at their doorstep in a matter of seconds or minutes
  2. Receive Instant Notifications Related to Offers and Discounts – Customers no longer have to depend on third-party to know about new offers or discounts. App-based platforms in turn acquaint them through push notifications about the latest offers and discounts on the products they want to purchase
  3. Get Delivery as Per Convenience – If a user is not available to receive a particular delivery or service, the book for later allows them to get the delivery at their doorstep as per their convenience. This in turn allows them to complete their work as per their convenience and not get panicked about their delivery as they get notified as soon as their delivery is out.

Now that the benefits of an app-based platform are known for the users, it is also important to know the advantages of an app-based platform for a business.

Benefits of App-Based Platform for Business
  1. Offers Massive Opportunity to Grow Business – App-based platforms allow businesses to grow at a more massive scale in comparison to a website as they in turn allow the user to find out about the services through their mobile phones without any efforts. Thus wherever they may be, they are aware about the business.
  2. Helps Business Stand Out from the Crowd – An app- based platform for any business helps them stand out from the different service businesses as well as garner the attention of customers.
  3. Improved Communication with Customers – Today when customers are faced with any query, they no longer have to wait frantically for the customer care service providers to answer their calls. Through the presence of chat bots in the app-based platform, customers get most of their queries addressed thus helping them to a great extent along with helping the business in the longer run to get a good name in the market.

Thus, it goes without saying that an app-based platform is nothing more than a blessing for a business and if you as an entrepreneur or appreneur are keen on building an app-based platform for your business, make sure that it has the following characteristics,

  1. Responsive to ensure that users can use app-based platform across several devices, iOS, Android, desktop, tablet, etc.
  2. Has a 100% licensed source code to make modifications and customizations as per the changing requirements of your business or customers
  3. Interactive admin panel to manage the entire working of the app-based platform along with maintaining the profile of the user as well as service provider and the earnings made
  4. Easy to Use Application to enable your users to use the app-based platform as simply as possible
  5. Safe and Secure Payment to enable users to make the payments for the various services or orders as safely as possible without their payment details getting saved

Thus, take your business to the zenith of success with the perfect app-based platform and make it an instant hit among users.

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