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Evaluating the Intuitive Success Mantra of Postmates

Making Delivery a Cakewalk with Postmates

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The extremely busy life that people have nowadays makes it extremely imperative thus that they get quick and prompt services on a whole at all times and thanks to the innovations that have been brought about by technology like on demand delivery apps simply through a few taps on your device you are promised a quick delivery of your desired items.

Today if you visit your respective Android Play Store or iOS App Store you will meet several apps that can support you get a quick delivery, out of which a very popular one is Postmates.

Postmates is a popular on demand goods delivery app that came into creation in the year 2011 and since then has been providing its services in close to over 100 cities located in the USA. The app in its span of ten years has received tie-ups with organizations which include Apple, McDonalds, Starbucks and Walgreens to name a few.

Here are some attributes of this app that has helped it considerably in terms of becoming popular on a whole.

Reasons for Popularity of Postmates
  1. Very minimal delivery fee where the amount is around five dollars
  2. Delivery within a duration of one hour
  3. Ease in terms of ordering items from any store
  4. Service available for twenty-four hours thereby helping the customer order items anytime and have it delivered anytime as well

So now that you know the reasons that make the solution popular on a whole, let us now understand the business model of this solution which has supported it considerably in terms of building a formidable name in the delivery market on a whole.

Profit Generation Formula of Postmates

For any business irrespective of the services they provide or offer on a whole, the main ultimate goal for them is to make money and generate profits. Especially, if the business is focused around making deliveries it becomes even more imperative to make revenues or else their business shall be doomed to failure so as to say.

Postmates being a popular delivery solution follows a profit generation formula which ensures to support them earn tremendous revenue through the deliveries they make on a whole.

So, below we explain the ways Postmates makes business or money in short.

  1. By creating the need. In other words, if your customer doesn’t need you why create the need after all? Thus in short, the app creates need by finding the need and thereafter conceiving attractive ways to meet them.
  2. Through the minimal delivery fees that get charged for the deliveries it ensures the delivery professional receives eighty percent of the share while twenty percent revenue is received by Postmates thereby acting as a source of profit for them so as to say, that is both Postmates and the delivery professional.
  3. Through a merchant program which allows the service provider to sign an agreement with the local stores and thereafter do a tie-up with them. This in turn ensures that the store pays a certain amount of the total bill to the delivery app thereby contributing greatly towards the revenue of Postmates in short.

So, following this business model, thus, Postmates Clone contributes greatly towards building a name for itself and also making considerable revenue along the way.

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